Cocktails & Candles - Candle Making Class @ ROADIE JOE'S, Salisbury Maryland (4/16)

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Join us for our first COCKTAIL & CANDLES series @ Roadie Joe's in Salisbury, MD. 

For this unique class series, you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN VESSEL. Below are descriptions of what each option entails.

Original Beer, Original Wine & Original Liquor bottle options - These are the original bottles with the original labels still on them. We will have a variety of options available for you, unless you have a specific request (see below*)

Wine bottle with custom label & cork lid - Holds approx 13oz scented wax, they are recycled wine bottles & you can choose from Green or Dark Amber glass color (we will have both available). Wicks options are natural cotton ECO wicks or Wood Wicks. You will be able to write your scent name & your name in the "Handmade By" lines on the custom labels. Great option if making as a gift!

Beer bottle with custom label  - Holds approx 10oz scented wax, they are recycled Beer bottles with a variety of styles & colors. Wick options are natural cotton ECO wicks. You will be able to write your scent name & your name in the "Handmade By" lines on the custom labels. Great option if making as a gift!

Wine "Boat" Candles with stand & double wood wicks - Recycled hand cut wine bottles in Green glass style. The enclosure is cork & we include the cork dust cover if needed as part of a gift where you can write in your custom scent. Stand included. 

10oz Frosted Glass with custom label, wood wick & lid - These are your classic frosted glass candle vessels available in clear, black & amber styles with wood wicks. ou will be able to write your scent name & your name in the "Handmade By" lines on the custom labels.

*Please note, special requests for a specific bottle on our ORIGINAL LABEL liquor, beer & wine bottle options do require advance notice of at least one week prior to event by emailing us ( and we must confirm that we are able to secure the bottle for you in time. You may also give us bottles in advance if you have something special you want cut. 

**PLEASE NOTE THIS TICKET IS FOR ONE CANDLE ONLY. If you wish to make multiple candles,  you may do so by purchasing multiple tickets, we will contact you to confirm that they are all for 1 person or multiple people. 

Location: Roadie Joe's Bar & Grill - Downtown Salisbury, MD

Time: Beginning at 6pm

About our Candle Making Ingredients:

Our Wax is all natural SOY, our wicks will be ECO Cotton Blend which is an all natural cotton wick with a paper thread core for ideal burning in natural waxes like Soy, or wood wicks which we hand cure & test vigorously to ensure they burn great. All recycled bottles are hand cut & polished by us for smooth tops.  


Candle Class begins at 6pm. We will work thru the process in table groups,  so if anyone needs to be first due to time constraints please just let us know upon arrival. 

Create your own custom fragrance! Our classes offer the unique advantage of our FRAGRANCE BAR with 50+ scent options. We rotate in new scents based on the season so if you are a frequenter of our classes you get new experiences each time. You get to learn how to create a fragrance, along with the step by step process of how to make a candle. 

After the final step of pouring your scented wax into the candle, there will be some down time while you wait on it to set. Setting depends on size of candle / vessel thickness. Plan for 1-2 hours. 


We recommend enjoying dinner & drinks with Roadie Joe's while you wait for your candle to set.  They have a wide range of cuisine & if it's nice weather a beautiful patio outdoors. We are setup in a room upstairs for the candle making. If you want to eat & drink - you can stay upstairs or head downstairs to the dining room/bar/lounge area. We will take care of clipping your wicks & setting tops so it's ready to go when you are done. 

Any further questions please reach out to me @


*Purchase of this item on this site automatically registers you for the event. You do not need to do anything else after purchase, besides showing up!

**Cancellations within 24 hours of event are fully refunded, within 24 hours we can refund 50%. We recommend booking early as seating is limited in this location

***All food & beverages are sold seperately by Roadie Joes, this ticket is for the candle making only

Thank you, we are excited to have you join us!