Crystal Glass Candle - REAL crystal double old fashioned glass - old fashioned scent - organic soy wax - hemp wicks

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Double Old Fashioned Authentic Crystal Glass -10oz of Organic Soy Wax w/ all natural Hemp Wicks, comes packaged in the burlap gift bag featured in product images.....makes for an easy ready-to-go gift!

Scented to match one of the most beloved cocktails in American culture- the old fashioned. A traditional old fashioned is muddled orange, cherry, sugar & American whiskey (generally a bourbon or rye)

Our signature whiskey scent of toasted vanilla, baking spices & oak, complimented by our our old fashioned cocktail notes of sweet orange, brown sugar & a touch of black cherry

Glass is reusable after use for drinking, decor....or another candle!

**This candle is REUSABLE! See our "Vintage Candle Refill" Listing & choose from a wide variety of fragrances


We use only Organic SOY WAX for a cleaner, long lasting burn. Our candles will last 3x longer than your average store bought paraffin wax candles, without all their soot & toxins!

Hemp wicks are triple braided & provide a uniquely strong, even burn of the wax, thus preventing tunneling & burn out. They are all natural, with no added chemicals or core needed.

*Hand Made by Deconstructed Candles in Maryland, USA.