CAMPFIRE CANDLE - Hand Carved Wooden Dough Bowl Candles - WOODEN WAVE WICK - Campfire Scent - Organic Soy Wax

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Beautiful rustic candle in hand carved artisan wooden dough bowls, made with 18oz of 100% pure organic soy wax & wooden wicks. Burn time 70-80 hours.

 The line of Wood Wave wicks make for a cozy, warm glow in a long line to simulate a “mini” campfire effect 

CAMPFIRE SCENT - just the right amount of woodsy notes with a touch of pine, complimented by a warm smokiness…trust us this is one of the best campfire scents out there! 

All dough bowls come with our dust covers with scent labeled & a ribbon making it a ready to go gift

***PLEASE SEE OUR "DOUGH BOWL REFILL" listing to purchase 16oz or 22oz refills for your Dough Bowl so you can use again & again!

****Choose your scent or request a custom one in options

Safety Note: We put a thin metal strip along the base of each dough bowl. This is to prevent a singed bottom & to add an extra layer of protection from the wick base & the wood bowl when burning. To reuse the dough bowl, please keep the metal strip in tact & put new wicks directly on top of it.

We recommend never leaving a dough bowl candle unattended while lit.


Would you prefer a CUSTOM SCENT? You can choose our custom libation scent or request your own custom scent. We will confirm our ability to do that scent, we have hundreds of fragrances to work with.