Our Story

Meet our candle maker, Jayme Clarke. She is a wine & spirit professional with WSET certifications & over 13 years experience in the world of wholesale wine & spirits. 
"I have observed that wine & spirit producers put a lot of time & effort into creating beautiful bottles as vessels for their libations. I also discovered that in many restaurants, they are simply thrown in the garbage after use. I began DECONSTRUCTED with the idea of finding a way to reuse these bottles.
After much research, I settled on the idea of SOY ORGANIC CANDLES because the process of developing unique scents spoke to my passion for interpreting all the flavor components in a wine or spirit. 
I also saw in the market place that nobody else was trying to do this with candle scents, so I thought....this is something new & exciting to try!
Our candles are not just scented wax....they are a part of an experience. 
I have translated all the complex flavor notes of each style of libation into uniquely matching scents. My candles are much like your libation - layered, complex, intriguing...& fun!"
-Jayme Clarke, founder & candle maker Deconstructed Candles
We invite you to try the DECONSTRUCTED "Sip & Savor" experience....pour your libation of choice, light your matching libation candle and enjoy!