Candle Refill Kits / DIY Candles

Have a vessel you want to make into a candle? You can easily use our refill kits to make your own candle at home. All you need is a microwave!

Returning customers, would you like to reuse your dough bowl, recycled glass bottle, teacup or vintage vessel? You can also try out new scents! 

These kits make it all possible!
Choose from any of our Custom Scents, sizes, or request your own. 

All kits are scented organic soy wax. Wicks options depend on the style of refill kit. If reusing a vessel, be sure it’s completely cleaned out with no wax or oil at the base or wicks won’t stick. 

Kit includes:
- fragranced organic soy wax in a microwave safe container
- wicks, wick stickers & wick stabilizer (if needed)

-instructions for how to use