Wine Bottle / Wine Boat Refill Kit - WINE SCENTS - 16oz OR 22oz - Hemp Wicks

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This refill kit is custom designed to refill our Signature Deconstructed Candles "Wine Boat" Bottle Candles OR our Deconstructed 18oz Original Wine Bottle Candle Vessels. NOTE - this will work for any style cut wine bottle (750ml size). Depending on where the bottle is cut & therefore the size you may have some leftover. If you

Kit Includes:
-18oz Fragranced Organic Soy Wax in Microwavable Pouch
-Proper Wicks needed (see options below) - we include extra in case you have leftover wax. All Wicks come in wick stands with stickers attached
-Printed Refill Instructions

Wick Options:
CLASSIC WINE BOTTLE CANDLE - Choose 8" ECO cotton wick


WINE "BOAT" STYLE - Choose "3 Wood Wicks - Wine Boat" - They are 3x-backed & cured wood wicks trimmed to fit into the Wine Boat

Simple Instructions:
1. Clean out bottle from previous use (warm slowly in oven & wipe clean)
2. Insert wicks into bottle, see instructions on wick placement tips
3. Melt wax pouch in 30 second intervals until clear
4. Pour into vessel

Voila! Your candle just needs to cool & set for about 24 hours, trim wick if needed & it's ready to go!