25oz Liquor Bottle Refill Kits - Cocktail Scents - Refill & reuse your Liquor bottle Candle - Choose your Wick Type

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Choose from a variety of our custom cocktail & spirit scents
Kit includes:
- 25oz of fragranced organic soy wax in a microwave safe pouch
- 2 Proper Wicks for Vessel ...Extra one included in case you have leftover wax - Wick Guide Below
- 1 wick stabilizer (for cotton wicks only)
- instructions

WICK GUIDE (choose what you need in drop down menu - contact us if still unsure!):
WIDE WOOD WICK - for wider vessels (3" diameter or more) like large round or square bourbon bottles but they must be shorter (no more than 6.25" tall)
ECO COTTON WICK (Size 10) - for classic cylindrical vessels like vodka bottles, square bottles like jack daniel's, or tall bottles (up to 8.5" tall bottles) - diamter 2.5-3")

Simple Instructions:
- Melt wax in microwave (do NOT overheat, it can affect fragrance, just needs to be melted until mostly clear & pours easily - 30sec intervals recommended)
- take wick & peel off back end of wick sticker & attach to center of wine bottle. It goes on the top of the dimple at bottom of the wine bottle.
- Use wick stabilizer to center & secure wick (if cotton, unnecessary for wood wicks)
- pour melted wax into cut wine bottle vessel
- let set in a dry place, away from direct sunlight
- once set, trim wicks & it’s ready to go!

*if top of your candles has lumps, bubbles or holes they will go away once lit. If you are preparing this as a gift, we recommend a heat gun to zap the top & it will be smooth & clear.