Soy Wax Dough Bowl Candle Refill Kit - 18oz or 25oz sizes - Pre-Scented Soy Wax, Wood Wicks & Metal Safety Strip Included

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This refill kit is custom designed to refill your Wooden Dough Bowl! We include 3 Wooden Wicks that are hand cured & tested in our wax for prime burning in a classic wood dough bowl shape. *DOES NOT INCLUDE DOUGH BOWL

Kit Includes:
-18oz (medium) or 25oz (large) Fragranced Organic Soy Wax in Microwavable Pouch
-3 Crackling wood wicks, in wick stands with wick stickers attached
-Metal Safety Strip (creates a barrier between your wick & the wood, for safety & to protect the wood finish
-Printed Refill Instructions

Simple Instructions:
1. Clean out used dough bowl previous use
2. Insert wicks into dough bowl - spaced evenly & at least 1" away from edges
3. Melt wax pouch in 30 second intervals until clear
4. Pour into vessel

Voila! Your candle just needs to cool & set for about 24 hours, trim wicks if needed & it's ready to go!