SOY Candle - Chesapeake Bay Scent - EASTERN SHORE SCENT SERIES - Wood Wick - amber frosted glass votive w/ wood lid

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10oz All natural soy wax with a double layered wood wick = approx 50-60hrs burn time

Clear frosted glass votive with wood lid

There would be no "Eastern Shore" Delmarva Peninsula without this vital feature -  The Chesapeake Bay. We have always treasured the Chesapeake Bay & all the rivers, streams, marshlands, wetlands & estuaries that feed into & off of it. The bay offers so many unique experiences to our Eastern shore life - hiking trails that stop with breathtaking water views, observing local wildlife and ecosystems, and one of my personal favorites - exploring the rustic beach towns and regions along the bay coastline that are mostly untouched and feel like you are stepping back in time. 

CHESAPEAKE BAY SCENT: Sea salt, citrus sunshine, bay grasses and wetland forest