18oz Sand Wax Candle Kit - Lavender Color - WAX + WICKS + FRAGRANCE OILS - Cocktail Scents

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This size fully fills a 18oz container & INCLUDES SCENT
Beautiful, Natural Sand Wax is the simplest way to create your own candle at home without mess, heating, or clean out afterward! Change your scent each time you light by using your favorite essential oils or a variety of our customized sand wax fragrance oil candle scents (one scent vial included in this kit - choose in drop down menu).

Ideas for use:
-Purchase multiple colors to create a fun, layered look
-Reuse old candle containers (no more waste!)
-Reuse your old DECONSTRUCTED CANDLES hand cut recycled bottles after initial soy candle use
-Reuse your Dough Bowl Vessel
-Use in household items like teacups, glassware, ceramic bowls, trays, dishes & other similar decor items (make sure they are safe to handle the heat of a candle wick & are not flammable materials)
-Recycle Glass Jars from food items

Kit Includes:
- 18oz container Sand Bag Pouch in LAVENDER color
- 3 Sand Wicks (they can be cut into sections as needed)
- 2oz of our Sand Wax Fragrance Oil in Vial with Dropper (Choose Scent)
- Instructions on how to make your candle (back of bag)

Simple Sand Wax Candle Making Instructions:
1. Fill with Sand Wax from Pouch until from about 1/2 inch from top
2. Add wicks as desired with about 1/2 inch exposed at the top
4. Add 4-5 drops of fragrance oil around each wick
6. Light it up!

After Use:
1. Pull wick up & cut wick below the hardened wax pool.
2. Re-insert wicks
3. Shake gently to even out wax
4. Your candle is now ready for your next use!

Why Sand Wax?
-Our Sand Wax in 100% Natural Vegetable Wax for a clean burn
-Change your scent with different oils each time you light it
-Looks beautiful, even when unlit (no messy looking half burnt candle sitting around)
-No messy clean outs after candle is done. Refilling over & over is simple!

Etsy limits the number of variations on this listing, For our full list of scent options please visit our website www.deconstructedcandles.com @ pick our category of "refill kits"