Spanish Cava candle - Segura Viudas Bottle - Champagne Scented - Organic Soy Wax - Hemp Wick

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18oz of Organic Soy Wax = 70-80 hours burn time

Scented to match the rich, layered & voluptuous style of Cabernet from California’s top vineyards.
This is one of our most popular & complex scents!

Baked apple, Anjou pear, lemon meringue & buttery pastry

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DECONSTRUCTED CANDLES are expertly scented by a certified wine & spirit specialist, breaking down all the layers of flavors in your favorite craft beer, wine, spirit or cocktail.

All our scents are CUSTOM MADE, we do not use premade combination scents. Thus, our scents are unique!

We use only Organic SOY WAX for a cleaner, long lasting burn. Our candles will last 3x longer than your average store bought paraffin wax candles, without all their soot & toxins!

Hemp wicks are triple braided & provide a uniquely strong, even burn of the wax, thus preventing tunneling & burn out. They are all natural, with no added chemicals or core needed.

*Hand Made by Deconstructed Candles in Maryland, USA.