9oz Champagne Essential Oil Bath Salts | pink Himalayan sea salt, baking soda, and epsom salts | lemon & vanilla essential oils | florals

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Scented with only pure lemon & vanilla essential oils, packaged in a resealable white pouch for easy storage. The bright lemon scent & creamy vanilla create a uniquely luxurious bath.

Ingredients/ benefits:
Lemon essential oil - fights exhaustion, helps with depression, clears your skin, kills harmful viruses and bacteria, and reduces inflammation

Vanilla essential oil - soothes skin, prevents signs of ageing, unclogs pores & can help with acne, treats dry skin, soothes sunburnt skin, helps with dehydrated scalps & helps hair health & silkiness

Pink Himalayan salt - contains 84 minerals, hydrates skin, energizes, heals cracks & scars, removes dead skin cells, relieves pain & inflammation, eases muscle cramps & joint pain, produces stress relieving hormones

Epsom salt - soothes sore muscles, reduce stress, sleep better, aid in flu/cold recovery by increasing white blood cells thru detoxifying, increase magnesium intake, reduce itching, especially from bug bites

Baking soda - soothe eczema, detox, calm hives, stop poison ivy, fight skin fungus, sore muscle relief

For a full size bath pour entire contents into a warm tub of water. Stir water to assist salts in dissolving. Enjoy!

Do’s & Dont’s of a salt bath:
- Salt baths increase circulation, so please avoid or ask your physician if you have underlying conditions where increased circulation can be risky (ex pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease)
- essential oils are fantastic at adding so many benefits to a bath, however skin irritation is always a possibility especially if you are sensitive. Discontinue use if you notice skin irritation.
- if you can, rinse your body in the shower before you begin bath, that way all perfumes etc won’t mess up the chemistry of your bath
- it is best to use a drain strainer if possible, as most our bath salts are mixed with dried florals or herbs (we love them so much we can’t live without!)
- best time of day to do a salt bath is in then evening. Prepare to feel very relaxed & even a bit weak from the detox. This will pass quickly.

Makes a great gift & pairs well with our Champagne essential oil linen / body sprays, candle tins, wax melts & matchsticks in the same scent /theme!