Gin candle - Bluecoat Gin bottle - lavender gin martini scent

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22oz Organic Soy Wax - Hemp Wick - Burn Time 90-100 hours

We choose this scent for our Gin bottles b/c the softness of lavender has long been a great accompaniment to mellow out the intensity of Juniper in Gin Drinks. This scent is no different - the calming lavender pairs beautifully with juniper berry & balsam fir notes for a highly aromatic and balanced scent. We add just a touch of lemon peel for a touch of citrus in the background.

**YOUR CANDLE IS REUSABLE! All our Wooden dough Bowl, Teacup, Liquor Bottle, Wine Bottle, Beer Bottle & Vintage Glassware lines of candles have REFILL KITS we sell in our section "Refill Kits"