Italian Spritz Cocktail Candle - DECONSTRUCTED CANDLES - Organic Soy Wax

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ITALIAN SPRITZ COCKTAIL SCENT: Bright Orange Citrus, ruby red grapefruit, Rhubarb, Red currant & Tahitian vanilla bean with just a touch of a woodsy bark like note to emulate the “bitters” sensation 

ABOUT THE ITALIAN SPRITZ: This Italian cocktail has skyrocketed in the last decade to become one of the best known & beloved cocktails around the world. In Italy, you can even find it “on tap” @ the airports. 

 The name “spritz” traces back several centuries to when portions northern Italy were controlled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Visitors and soldier from other parts of the empire were said to have found Italian wines too strong and so lightened them with a splash (a “spritz,” in German) of water

 The current modern incarnation of this libation is Italian Prosecco, club soda, fresh orange peel, and an Italian apertivo liquor (herbal liquor made with a bitter orange taste) 


DECONSTRUCTED SCENTS are expertly scented by a certified wine & spirit specialist, breaking down all the layers of flavors in your favorite craft beer, wine, spirit or cocktail.

All our scents are CUSTOM MADE, we do not use premade combination scents & meticulously source all fragrance oils so they produce purest & cleanest expressions