Soy Bourbon candle - Basil Hayden bottle - smoked Manhattan scent - soy wax

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This beloved US cocktail was created by a bartender in Manhattan, New York City, in mid-1870’s. Ingredients are simple, although they have become more varied recently with a resurgent popularity as we have seen craft whiskey category explode. Vermouth, Bitters & a bourbon or whiskey is the standard recipe. This is usually accompanied by a maraschino Cherry garnish, in some cases a shaved orange peel.

“Smoked” Manhattans are a very popular current trend, taking this delicately sweet whiskey cocktail & “smoking” it to add a wonderfully aromatic smokiness to compliment the sweet.

Smoked Manhattan Scent:
Spiced dark cherry, orange bitters, touch of vanilla & campfire smoke

This is approx 18oz of soy wax = estimated 90hrs of burn time

DECONSTRUCTED CANDLES are expertly scented by a certified wine & spirit specialist, breaking down all the layers of flavors in your favorite craft beer, wine, spirit or cocktail.

All our scents are CUSTOM MADE, we do not use premade combination scents. Thus, our scents are unique!
We use only SOY WAX for a cleaner, long lasting burn. Our candles will last 3x longer than your average store bought paraffin wax candles, without all their soot & toxins!

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