Spiced Rum Candle - captain Morgan PRIVATE STOCK bottle- Spiced Rum Scented - organic soy wax - hemp wick

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Rum is a spirit distilled from sugarcane, a popular crop in the Caribbean with roots back to the 1600’s & colonial times. Initially rugged and unrefined it quickly gained a reputation for its strength & “wickedness” due to its popularity with pirates & other unsavory characters. Sugarcane spirits went by the name of kill devil, rumbullion and later, rum.

The spiced rum style was created from the exotic ingredients grown in Central America. Caribbean distillers used nutmeg, pineapple, lime, cloves, coconut and other exotic ingredients grown around their plantations to flavor their sugarcane spirits. It was not uncommon for plantations and tippling houses to have a unique spice blend for their house made spirit.

Warm vanilla, sweet molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, fig & brown sugar

Our wooden "wave" wicks are double backed & properly cured to ensure a nice even burn & a relaxing crackling noise when lit