Wine Scented Wax Melts - soy wax blend - DECONSTRUCTED CANDLES

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We use a high quality soy wax blend with a low melt point for the best scent throw. 

This unique blend is also crafted specifically to hold a lot of fragrance so our melts put off a wonderfully room-filling scent

Scent descriptions...see our attached scent menu with descriptions of each option (currently scent menu has more options than we have listed…we will be adding more!

DECONSTRUCTED SCENTS are expertl scented by a certified wine & spirit specialist, breaking down all the layers of flavors in your favorite craft beer, wine, spirit or cocktail.

All our scents are CUSTOM MADE, we do not use premade combination scents & meticulously source all fragrance oils so they produce purest & cleanest expressions

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Rose - red rose petals, strawberry, raspberry & pomegranate

Champagne- Meyer lemon, baked pear & red apple, buttery pastry, just a touch of hazelnut & spiced vanilla.

Pinot Grigio- Bright Lemon citrus, sea minerals & just a touch of sweet melon fruit to round out the citrus.

Chardonnay- Vanilla Spice, baked apple & pear, plantain, golden pineapple & buttercream balanced by a bright lemon citrus

Sauvignon Blanc - mirrored after an exotic New Zealand style, with Ruby Red Grapefruit, guava & honeydew melon

Pinot Noir- Dried cherry, Cranberry, red currant & ripe red Raspberry w/ basil & rustic earth notes

Cabernet Sauvignon- Blackberry, cranberry & Black Currant, spiced notes of clove & nutmeg, fig, sage, tabacco pipe, leather & a touch of smoked vanilla

Malbec- Blueberry, blackberry, cherry, Vanilla spice, rosemary, black mission fig & a touch campfire smoke

Red Blend - mocha, lush black fruits & a touch of sweet vanilla