WINE BOAT CANDLES - wood wicks - stand included

Wine Boat Soy Candle with 2 wooden wicks. Hand Cut & Hand poured. 100% pure organic Soy wax = burn time of 70 hours. Real cork tops, wooden stand & etched wood dust cover included

Our wood wicks are triple backed & properly cured to ensure a nice even burn & a relaxing crackling noise when lit

***these wine boat candles are refillable! See our listings for wine bottle refill kits

Our scents are custom made!

We specialize in Signature Wine, Spirit or Cocktail scents made by a certified wine & spirit specialist.

We also offer scents in aromatherapy, florals, dessert/sweet themes, tea, musky & woodsy

Over 100 to choose from….

Description of each scent of our wine, spirit & cocktail scents are in product images, we will be updating the cocktail scent list descriptions as we move into summer